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Why we launched a Home Inspection business

Updated: Aug 1

I’m an entrepreneur at heart. And after working in corporate marketing for 20+ years, I was more than ready to launch a small business.

So how did we land on Inspect Chatham as a business? First, Todd and I are passionate about home improvement. I mean, we really, really love it. There’s a special moment of satisfaction when you step back and see the result of hours of hard work. Since becoming empty nesters in the last couple of years, we've had even more of those moments when we took on a major renovation of a short-sale "character house" on 6 acres outside Pittsboro. Some of our projects necessitated Todd’s purchase of a tractor. And lots of implements. But that’s another story.

And there’s #ChathamCountyNC. It’s really, really the best place to live. Although we both grew up on farms in rural Michigan, I’ve lived in Chatham County for 20 years. And Todd’s been here for 10 years. (As the saying goes, we weren’t born here, but we got here as fast as we could!) Our four kids attended Chatham schools. And it’s home.

When most people think of a home inspector, they think Creepy Crawlspace. Yeah there’s that. But there’s also the Puzzle aspect. Like how to connect seemingly disparate signs to tell a story. Like seeing moisture on a dining room baseboard, and then finding a gap in the flashing above a window. Or realizing that an electrician installed the doorbell and light switch on the right, but the construction crew installed a door that opens from the left.

Providing our inspection findings to home buyers and homeowners in a digestible, understandable way is really important to me. As a veteran freelance writer, I think we can do so much better with #HomeInspectionReports. Either they’re overloaded with canned statements and disclaimers or contain a bunch of disconnected statements that don’t convey the big picture. And typos. Which can be rather amusing. Spell-check doesn’t catch the difference between “insects” and “incests”. (Yup, saw that.)

We’ve really thrown ourselves into this venture. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of training. We passed the NC state exam and are officially #NCLicensedHomeInspectors (NCHILB #4291 and #4292!).

Since then, Todd’s been on a quest for additional industry certifications like an Eagle Scout. Mold testing. Roofs. Decks. Safety.Thermal Imaging. Each of these require studying, testing, and of course, new gadgets. Which is why Amazon and the UPS driver were the first to know we launched #InspectChatham.

Our inspections have taken us from Apex to Pittsboro to Chapel Hill and south Durham. And we're loving it. In this blog, I'll share helpful tips and facts you never knew about things in your house, Please let us know if we can help you.


Julie (and Todd) NC Licensed Home Inspectors

Inspect Chatham, LLC

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