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Meet the Team

Inspect Chatham LLC is a husband-and-wife team of licensed home inspectors in Chatham County, NC.

Jon Doe

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Todd Hyde

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Todd is co-owner and lead home inspector of Inspect Chatham.


As someone who is mechanically adept, detail oriented, and conscientious, he’s the one you want to handle your home inspection. Todd knows how things work (or don’t), and he continually invests time researching new technologies and gaining new certifications, to provide a more thorough inspection.  


Todd’s early career was in a family transportation business, first as garage manager and then as logistics and business manager. In 2008, he moved to NC and into the biotech industry, where he most recently was line supervisor of a 20-person team at Burt’s Bees.  


Todd has extensive hands-on expertise in DIY home improvement, from appliance repair to woodworking and major yard work with his tractor.  

Julie is co-owner and client services lead for Inspect Chatham.


Julie brings top-notch business skills to lead a smooth-running business where client satisfaction is the top priority.  While Julie is also licensed to perform inspections independently, she and Todd find they can do a more thorough inspection by working together as a team.


As a 20-year resident of Chatham County, Julie has enjoyed a long and successful career in marketing. She operated a freelance writing and consulting business for 10 years before moving to corporate life.  She's currently in a senior-level marketing role with a large international healthcare company.   

Julie’s creative outlet has always been home improvement, decorating and landscaping.  She’s been through multiple real estate transactions, from several quick sale/purchase transactions to production-built and custom-designed homes.

Julie Parmelee

NCHILB #4292

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Together, Todd and Julie have four children who all attended Chatham schools.  


For the last two years, they’ve been working together on extensive renovations to their empty-nester home and acreage near Pittsboro.